Meryl Streep to play a hard rocking mama in Ricki and The Flash

Meryl Streep can sing, but can she rock? There is a difference, but I'm very confident the incredibly talented actress will be able to pull it off in her new film, RICKI AND THE FLASH. Deadline is reporting Streep will play a "hard rocking mama" in the film, scripted by JUNO and YOUNG ADULT's Diablo Cody. Jonathan Demme (SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, RACHEL GETTING MARRIED) will direct the film for TriStar.

Meryl Streep's character will be, "a rock n’ roll-loving woman who chased her tattered dream at the price of her family, but gets a last chance to get it right by reconciling with her estranged daughter." Sound a little heavy? Maybe a tad, but Deadline also says, "her character belts out hard rock at night and is a grocery store checkout lady by day." So it's sort of the like THE WRESTLER, but probably less depressing, and with more singing.

Streep has already started preparing for the role. Jonathan Demme also directed a documentary with Neil Young, and in a meeting with Streep and Demme, the musician apparently gave Streep a few pointers.

Meryl "I'm a living f*cking legend" Streep as a hard rocker? Sounds awesome to me. Filming is scheduled to start this fall, and although it sounds like RICKI AND THE FLASH will have at least some drama, it's going to be a lot of fun to see Meryl Streep rocking out.

Source: Deadline



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