Metcalfe loses it

I gotta tell you, I never saw Jesse Metcalfe owning a legitimate film career. I just don't think that a supporting role on a show like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, where you're cast primarily for your looks. And then along came JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, which I didn't see, but looked like a rolicking good time if you're a tween/teenage girl. And I thought, okay, maybe Jesse can have a film career as a teen idol, and nothing beyond that. But now comes word that Jesse has been cast in a film that has some serious potential to kick this dude's career into high gear. It's called INSANITARIUM and it comes from writer and first-time director Jeff Buhler (MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN).

In the horror/thriller Metcalfe plays a man who pretends he's crazy so he can get institutionalized in a looney bin to save his sister who's been wrongly hospitalized. Once inside, they discover that the hospital's sinister doctor (played by the type-casted by amazing Peter Stormare) is using patients as guinea pigs to test a drug which turns them into flesh-eating psychos. Metcalfe's sister will be played by Kiele Sanchez, who, if you're a LOST fan, will recall was killed off a by a deadly spider after her pointless character was widely protested by fans after being inexplicably introduced this past season. I'm glad the word 'indie' is being used to describe this pic, which gives me hope that it will be more SESSION 9 than GRUDGE 2. I'm rooting for you Jesse, despite the fact that I want to and can never be you.

Extra Tidbit: A) That's the lovely miss Sanchez in the picture. B) I can't believe I spent the first part of this article ranting about Jesse Metcalfe's career. I need me a life.



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