Michael Bay's Oz??

We all heard about Todd Mcfarlane's decidedly creepy take on the Wizard of Oz (titled 'OZ') finally finding a backer at Warner Bros. Now it appears that although the project is yet to find a director, that might just be a good thing because it turns out that for a while Mcfarlane was cruising around town pitching the film with Michael Bay?! Now, this is not me razzing on the guy (love TRANSFORMERS, ARMAGEDDON and THE ROCK) but something like OZ, featuring shit like a Dorothy in bondage scene, needs to be in the capably twisted hands of a fellow more of Guillermo Del Toro's style, no? There's no actual confirmation that Mcfarlane wanted Bay to direct, but... well... here's the comment, take from it what you will:

“I came up with this huge, massive Lord of the Rings epic. It actually got fairly tight and succinct... We actually went in there and for a while had Michael Bay going around with me pitching it... We had props, visuals, toys, storyboards, posters… I made little models of the city. I think it overwhelmed them. They said that they needed 20 minutes for a pitch and I was like, ‘I need at least an hour and fifteen. I’m going to act out this whole movie and show you the whole thing because this movie is going to cost at least $140 million to make. I don’t want you to not know what you’re buying.’”

Float yourself over to IGN to read the rest of the stuff Mcfarlane had to say about the project. It's sounding pretty sweet to me. Sweet in a twisted awesome way, anyway.
Extra Tidbit: In case you didn't know, Mcfarlane is the dude that created the comic book character Spawn. (You remember Leguizamo? Go Spawny! Go Spawny!)
Source: IGN



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