Miles Teller refuses to get knocked out in trailer for Bleed For This

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Boxing is filled with its fair share of characters, any of whom would make for an interesting feature film. But next up on the card is former junior middleweight champion Vinny Pazienza, known affectionately to boxing fans as Vinny Paz or "The Pazmanian Devil." Played by Miles Teller in BLEED FOR THIS, you'll get to see the real life fight for Vinny Paz to recover from a serious car wreck that left him with a broken neck and that possibility that he might never walk alone, let alone fight again. 

However, that diagnosis didn't knock Paz out, as he did everything within his power to regain his livelihood and once again step back into a boxing ring and challenge for the title he was forced to relinquish due to injury. It's another of those underdog, against-all-odds tales that seem to go hand-in-hand with boxing, only this one actually happened in real life. Teller manages to transform himself into the fighter, and BLEED FOR THIS looks to be one of those pictures that will further cement what people see in Teller on a regular basis. 

BLEED FOR THIS steps into the ring on November 4 in limited release.

Source: Open Road Films



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