Mondo Tees reveals its last posters in the Star Wars series

Ready to battle your fellow nerds for some limited edition STAR WARS posters? Right before Christmas, Mondo Tees posted three STAR WARS posters (one each for the original trilogy films) by artist Olly Moss and they sold out in less than 5 minutes and created a firestorm amongst geeks who weren't able to snag a poster (and were outraged to see them selling for over $600 on eBay).

If you missed your chance at an Olly Moss, another Mondo artist, Tyler Stout, has his chance later this week with his STAR WARS posters. They are the last posters in the Mondo/STAR WARS series and are sure to sell out just as quickly.

The posters will go onsale on Mondo Tees on December 31st at a "random time" to keep it fair for everyone. You might want to pay attention to the Mondo Twitter page for an announcement. There are only 875 prints available of the standard poster and 325 prints of the variants. In other words: move fast if you want this.

Take a look at the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK poster below and click on it to head to UGO to take a look at the rest of the posters in the series.

Extra Tidbit: I've never tried to buy any of these Mondo posters but I hear it's not an easy proposition.
Source: UGO



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