Monsters University pushed back to 2013, Reboot Ralph moves up

Those of you hoping to see MONSTERS UNIVERSITY in 2012 will have to wait another year.

The prequel was set to be released November of 2012 instead the official date is now June 21, 2013. Taking the films place will be REBOOT RALPH which will open Nov. 12, 2012. RALPH was originally due out March 12, 2013.

Wait, what is REBOOT RALPH? How did this sneak under the radar? Is it Ralph Macchio's animated journey to find the perfect reboot project with him as the star? Of course not. Word has it that REBOOT RALPH, once known as JOE JUMP is about a has-been videogame character trying to worm his way into a new franchise. That's really the only info about that project. They are keeping REBOOT under tight wraps, I guess.

As you might already know, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY goes back to the days when Sully and Mike first met. Apparently they weren't the biggest fans of one another in the begining but overcome their differences to become great friends.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you like more-- Sully or Mike?
Source: THRGames Radar



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