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Betty Buckley (CARRIE), Robert Bailey Jr., Spencer Breslin (ZOOM), Jeremy Strong, Frank Collison (THE VILLAGE) and Victoria Clark (CRADLE WILL ROCK) have all signed on to play roles in the upcoming flick THE HAPPENING. As you probably know, the film is to be M. Night Shyamalan's next film, and his first since LADY IN THE WATER. I'm hoping this one's gonna be pretty sweet, I've been convinced of his greatness ever since UNBREAKABLE absolutely blew me away. HAPPENING is the story of 'a family on the run from a natural crisis that presents a large scale threat to humanity'. And as you know, that 'natural crisis' is mother nature whipping some ass. I don't know about you guys but I always thought that chick Gi in CAPTAIN PLANET was smoking hot, so I hope Shyamalan goes with a broad that looks like her to play the manifestation of nature (if the script calls for it of course). Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel are set to star in the thriller.
Extra Tidbit: Shyamalan wrote the screenplay for THE HAPPENING with Wahlberg specifically in mind for the lead. I presume he'll be doing a lot of frowning, 'feeling it' and possibly running around in his underwear.



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