More sources claim WB moving Batman vs Superman's international release date

Last month, an unsubstantiated report claimed that the South American release date for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN was being bumped up to April 29, 2016 from the previously announced May 6, 2016 date it originally moved to. Not much credence was given to the source since they also claimed Ben Affleck would be dropping out of the Batman role as well. But, with CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 sliding into the May date opposite BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, more have wondered which studio would flinch first.

A new update from the UK Film Distributor's Association has revealed that they now also have BATMAN VS SUPERMAN opening on April 29, 2016. While it has become common for domestic films to be released internationally first to maximize box office, could this also be more evidence that Warner Bros wants to play it safe and not risk losing opening weekend profits to rival Marvel?

The same update also reveals that Universal will debut their Roberto Orci/Alex Kurtzmann reboot of THE MUMMY on April 22, 2016 which will make for a very busy few weeks at the cineplex. We haven't had many weekends with two major box office rivals going directly head to head. Most summers, you often get two or three major releases on a weekend but they are all counter-programming to one another. Having two superhero films open the same day is unheard of. So, this could simply be an international boost or the first sign that DC will give in to Marvel in 2016.

Stay tuned for confirmation once it becomes available.

Source: Cinema Blend



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