Moreno in Eclipse

For all of you holding your breath for the release of the next NEW MOON trailer, here’s a bit more TWILIGHT casting news to hold you over. Colombian actress Catalino Sandino Moreno has been cast as Maria in ECLIPSE, the third Twi-film. In the books, Maria was a vampire who tried to start her own personal vampire army with a Confederate soldier named Jasper. Without going into any spoilers, let’s just say she doesn’t turn out to be such a kindly matriarch.

You probably remember Moreno best as another Maria, the one from MARIA FULL OF GRACE, which earned her an Oscar nom in 2005. Recently, she co-starred in Steven Soderbergh’s CHE and made an appearence in FAST FOOD NATION. She may seem like a strange casting choice to play a vicious vampire, but as the character calls for a “petite brunette with a soft, musical voice,” she certainly would seem to qualify.

The worst part about this news? Now ECLIPSE can advertise the film as featuring an “Oscar-nominated actress” thus putting together the world “Oscar” and “Twilight Saga” in the same sentence. Look, you can win all the Teen Choice Awards on planet Earth, just stay away from my Oscars.

Extra Tidbit: Sorry Taylor Lautner, there is no "Best Abs in a Feature Film" category at the Academy Awards.
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