Morgan, Dunst, Gosling

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the cast of ALL GOOD THINGS with Kirsten Dunst and Ryan Gosling. The film, which sounds pretty freaking sweet, goes like this: the scion of a real estate dynasty (Gosling) falls for a beautiful girl (Dunst) from the wrong side of the tracks, who disappears. Morgan plays a down-and-out detective who tries to uncover the truth. I know a lot of people who'll approach this film with trepidation, since they quite militantly believe that Ryan Gosling is a great actor, but has never been in a good film. Bullshit if you ask me though, since LARS AND THE REAL GIRL was easily in my top 3 last year, and analysts have found that even four years after its release THE NOTEBOOK still gets you laid two out of three times.

You've seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan in P.S. I LOVE YOU and THE ACCIDENTAL HUSBAND, both of which I've heard will make your eyes puke. But you'll see him soon as The Comedian in WATCHMEN, so you might want to preemptively warm up to him.
Extra Tidbit: Is it me or does he look an awful lot like Javier Bardem?



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