NBC releases full-length trailer for Powerless with all-new footage

In about a couple weeks NBC will be unveiling its workplace sitcom about a career girl played by Vanessa Hudgens, who'll have to manage her job, relationships...and not dying in superhero fights. Set in the DC universe, from the perspective of us "normies", it will be interesting to see how they pull this show off (or if they pull it off at all). Anyway, here's a new full-length trailer that gives us a better look at the show than we've had before:

The premise is still great, and I think that will give it a lot of mileage. While the trailer does have a lot of old footage, some of the new jokes are actually fun, like the whole "HBO GO" exchange with Alan Tudyk's Van Wayne, or someone having to make a toy out of Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Although some jokes are admittedly total duds, like the "Kryptonite window" gag (which may be a nerdy reason on my part, but isn't Kryptonite really hard to come by)?

So not going to lie, I'm a bit worried about the tone, as it does seem a bit too...cartoony? But it also might be a change of pace from most other superhero properties, and probably fits the stories they're trying to tell. Let's just hope it has characters we want to follow to make up for that.

Either way, POWERLESS will not fly, but most likely commute, to NBC February 2nd, 2017 after SUPERSTORE. 

Extra Tidbit: Van Wayne is apparently based on a real (obscure) comic-book character, who was wiped out of continuity during CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, but may have come back with the re-discovery of the multiverse (comics are weird).
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