Netflix confirms Bright sequel with Smith, Edgerton & Ayer returning

BRIGHT may not have gotten amazing critic reviews, but that didn’t deter people from checking out the movie on Netflix. After breaking records for the service, it was announced Netflix was already planning a sequel to the film, and today they took to social media to confirm we will indeed return to the land of Los Angeles meets Middle-earth.

Accompanying the announcement is a little video featuring some “Orc auditions”, ending with the words “Bright the sequel is confirmed.” The movie will see the return of Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, and David Ayer who will direct and take over scripting duties from Max Landis.

The service doesn’t put out exact viewing numbers, but it announced that BRIGHT had broken viewing records by getting 11 million viewers in the first three days. This made it the most-watched movie debut on the streaming service, and it's currently the most watched Netflix movie around the world. There is no word yet on if that number includes people who had it playing in the background while they did dishes, turned it on and then fell asleep, or if someone sat on the remote and was too lazy to change it. 

I check out the movie myself its first weekend, and though I don't agree it's the worst movie of the year, BRIGHT is a flawed film. It combs over any attempt at covering race relations, features a hum-drum villain and has a story that's all over the place. But there are some bright spots, and the world itself is worth exploring, and Smith and Edgerton had some nice chemistry. Hopefully, the sequel can fix some of the issues and expand on the world they created, and not just do BAD BOYS meets Middle-earth. 

BRIGHT is on Netflix now.

Source: Netflix



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