New 1-18-08 trailer?

It's been kinda quiet on the CLOVERFIELD/1-18-08 front lately but a description of a new possible teaser trailer has popped up online and seems to confirm some rumored storylines. Ain't It Cool News has posted a trailer description that is similar in theme to the first (one extended scene) but further along in the movie. This clip starts off after the chaos in the first trailer with our partygoers outside amongst the chaos. They're taken against their will by Army dudes who try to keep them within a quarantined area. In that quarantine/medical center there is an injured girl. "'I feel really sick' the girl unexpectedly mutters, the camera pans to her, shes looks like shes about to throw up, and curiously is crying blood from her right eye. Someone shouts 'She's been bitten!' Chaos ensues... Scene end." Wow, sounds appropriately creepy. And it does seem to confirm the news that in addition to our big monster, little monsters will "shed" off that monster and attack survivors on the ground in a more intimate way. To read the entire description, you can click here and stay tuned for more on CLOVERFIELD as it develops.

Extra Tidbit: That poster to the right is FAKE but I thought it was pretty well-done.



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