New Arrow and Flash trailers show us Gorilla Grodd, Mark Hamill, ATOM & more

With eight episodes left in the freshman season of The Flash and the third season of Arrow, story arcs are beginning to come into focus as the final stretch of the year begins. For Arrow, that means the ultimate face-off between Oliver Queen and Ra's Al Ghul and for The Flash it means the reveal of who killed Barry Allen's mother. Both look to be coming along with a heck of a lot more and now we have a trailer for each series to whet our appetites.

These two sizzle reels premiered at PaleyFest and showcase a lot of footage and some spoilery reveals for both shows. The trailer for Arrow gives us a look at Ray Palmer's A.T.O.M. suit in use which includes electro-power from the gloves. We also see Thea and Roy get back together, Ray learn Oliver's true identity, the return of Suicide Squad, and the discovery of the Arrow Cave by none other than Captain Lance.

On The Flash, we see the next crossover between the two DC Comics series, featuring Laurel, Ray Palmer and Felicity visiting S.T.A.R. Labs, much to Cisco's delight. We get a fleeting look at Gorilla Grodd, Mark Hamill chewing scenery like a champ as The Trickster, and the return of Captain Cold and Heatwave.

Both series are some of the most fun on television right now and these cinematic trailers tease exactly why. Neither is trying to be the next THE DARK KNIGHT or MAN OF STEEL but both shows really want to tell good comic book stories in their own ways. Arrow is dark and The Flash is a bit lighter, but neither is short on action. Catch up now before the seasons end.

New episodes premiere this week on The CW. The finales for The Flash and Arrow air on May 11th and 13th, respectively.

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