New Bats images

Yeah, sorry, I just kinda cock teased you with that headline. Is 'cock teased' one or two words? Mental note to check that out later. Anyway the images we have are from the upcoming animated BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT, the ANIMATRIX type flick that is bridging the gap between BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT. It is directed by Bruce Timm (co-creator of the Batman animated series) and features segments written by Josh Olsen, David Goyer and a bunch of others. You can check the pics out by clicking HERE. BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT is gonna make like Wesley Snipes and head straight to DVD on July 8th, only it is probably not gonna be a big pile of shit. This thing looks good, so show love. Besides, you don't want to be sat in the cinema when the opening credits roll up on TDK wondering if you're not gonna understand something and be forced to ask your friend who did have the foresight to see BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT. Because if it were me and one of you punks dared to talk to me during TDK, I'm not kidding, I don't care if you're carrying my child or collecting money for Cancer research I will straight up cock punch your ass. No three strike policy, no warning, just bam, instant impotence.
Extra Tidbit: That goes for my grandmother too. And I do support Cancer research, just not on Bat-day. Also, granny doesn't have a cock to punch but I'll knock the dentures out of her head for real.



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