New clip for Snow White and The Huntsman features dwarves and forest creatures

A new clip from SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN has come out of the woods today, this time highlighting the seven dwarves and forest creatures from the fantasy/action pic.  The dwarves, including Nick Frost with a hell of an ear piercing, who seem to be led by Bob Hoskins and his weird eyes, are naturally enamored with Ms. White and equate her to Neo "The One." 

Meanwhile, Thor just stands by watching Bella Snow White pet the nice, white deer creature with a tree growing out of his head.  Kind of ironic, considering that Bella is stalking a deer in the new trailer for that shiny vampire movie, BREAKING DAWN 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. 

Visit the enchanted petting zoo:

I'm being cynical, of course, but I'm actually looking forward to this.  It looks like a pretty fun and possibly kick ass flick.  I count it among the many reasons why summer 2012 is lined up to be an epic awesome movie season, so don't get me wrong. 

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN sucks the life out of you with an orgasmic bellow on June 1, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: If the forest creatures in this movie show up to assist in the final battle in this then I'm checking out. Most annoying trend ever.
Source: You Tube



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