New Force Unleashed 2 trailer sends Force lightning up your spine

Very few video game trailers have the power to send chills up my spine, but almost every spot for THE FORCE UNLEASHED 1 & 2 has done just that.

I'm not sure whether it's the compelling story, which is leagues beyond anything we've seen from the series recently, or the badass force powers which are more awesome to behold than any fight scene from the films. Either way, this new spot for THE FORCE UNLEASHED 2 is full of similar awesomeness, and though the gameplay needed work in the first one, I do believe this is the SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE of our time.

Check out the trailer below, which gives a logical reason for why the very definitive ending of the original game has paved the way for Starkiller's seemingly impossible return in this one. No explanation for why a mere apprentice has more Force power than anyone in the entire universe, but whatever.

Extra Tidbit: This series is so well done story and action-wise, I'm surprised George Lucas ever signed off on it.
Source: JoBlo.com



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