New images from Fantastic Four show off each superhero member

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Now that a few weeks have passed since we were finally given the first trailer for the new FANTASTIC FOUR reboot, I can honestly say I’m looking forward to this movie. I was intrigued at first, a lack of any promotional material just months before its release will do that to a person, but the trailer was solid enough to make me more optimistic. I trust this movie is going to serve up something different and worth our time.

In an Empire article, Trank describes FANTASTIC FOUR as a "dark Amblin movie," referring to the films of Steven Spielberg. He went on to say:

There’s the opportunity to make something that is challenging and tragic and dramatic. The opportunity is right there in the material. We’d rather steer it in that direction as opposed to just embracing a tone that comes right off the page.

We have four (probably not a coincidence) new images from the article as well. Each character has their own still and while there isn’t a lot going on here, it’s nice to see more of anything from this mysterious movie.Check out Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (Invisible Girl), Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch), and Jamie Bell (The Thing) below and tell us what you think of the movie now.

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FANTASTIC FOUR opens in theaters on August 7, 2015.

Source: Empire



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