New Line and Ice Cube talk about doing another Friday film with Chris Tucker

Ice Cube has been trying to put together another FRIDAY film for awhile now. I guess that the idea just comes up then after a bit they put it to bed. After the first film, I really had no interest in seeing the rest. NEXT FRIDAY was mildly entertaining mainly because of Mike Epps.

Now it looks like Ice Cube wants to get Chris Tucker back to reprise his Smokey role. But will this happen? A few years back when asked if he would revisit the franchise, Tucker said that he could not be depicted as a pot smoker due to his religious beliefs. Recently, Tucker got back into the acting game by joining THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK which is being helmed by David O. Russell.

There's really no concrete word on whether Tucker has been offered his old role, so take this with a grain of salt. I think Ice Cube has a better chance of getting Tucker now. The rapper/actor is currently rehashing the idea of LAST FRIDAY with New Line. So I guess we'll see what happens.

Extra Tidbit: Remember the old Ice Cube?
Source: Deadline



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