New Mission: Impossible 6 photo shows a locked & loaded Rebecca Ferguson

Tom Cruise better watch out, because if he’s not careful the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE series might get swept right under his feet and given to the amazing Rebecca Ferguson. She proved her mettle alongside Cruise in the last film, ROGUE NATION, and if this new photo means anything, it’s that she’s ready to take names in the sixth installment.

Director Christopher McQuarrie posted yet another entry in his series of dramatic-looking, behind-the-scenes photos from the set of M: I 6, this time featuring Ferguson with a gun at the ready. She’s most likely taking aim at some poor soul, who should actually be lucky she’s not coming at him with her fists.



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Along with Ferguson and Cruise, the new movie will also see the return of Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Michelle Monaghan and Sean Harris. Jeremy Renner, who has been in the last two movies, will be absent this go-around. Not a ton is known about the movie at this point, with these social media posts being the only thing we've been getting in way of any sort of promotion, even though it has a prime release slot this July. 

Ferguson made quite the addition to the team back in ROGUE NATION, and it's going to be great seeing her come back for more. Much like with what James Mangold did with LOGAN, McQuarrie is really getting me excited to see what he has cooked up after posting all these BTS photographs, many of which look like they could be hung in a gallery and sold for $20,000 a pop. I would take out all sorts of loans and sell all sorts of body parts to pay that price.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6 hits theaters July 27. 



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