New Mutants' Josh Boone set to adapt Stephen King's The Talisman

Stephen King The Talisman

There's been at least one Stephen King adaptation, either on television or as a feature-film, almost every year for decades, but this past year is full of high-profile King projects, including THE DARK TOWER, IT, 1922, and GERALD'S GAME. Largely based on the astounding success of IT, there's been rush to put Stephen King-related projects into development, and, according to Variety, the latest will be an adaptation of "The Talisman," which King co-wrote with Peter Straub.

Josh Boone, who recently completed principal photography on the X-MEN spin-off NEW MUTANTS, has been tapped by Amblin Entertainment to pen the script for THE TALISMAN. The movie will follow a boy, who, in order to save his mother from certain death, enters a parallel world known as the Territories in search of a powerful talisman. Although Josh Boone's deal is currently just to write the script, there's also the possibility that he may direct the project as well, which Amblin had once envisioned at a TV series but later decided to turn into a feature-film. As I haven't read the novel myself, I can't speak to how it will work as a film, so I'll leave that up to you fine folks.

A synopsis of "The Talisman" via Amazon:

Why had twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer’s mother frantically moved the two of them from Rodeo Drive to a New York City apartment to the Alhambra, a fading ocean resort and shuttered amusement park in New Hampshire? Who or what is she running from? She is dying . . . and even young Jack knows she can’t outrun death. But only he can save her—for he has been chosen to search for a prize across an epic landscape of dangers and lies, a realm of innocents and monsters, where everything Jack loves is on the line.

The next Stephen King project to hit our screens will be 1922, which stars Thomas Jane as a rancher who conspires to murder his wife for financial gain and convinces his teenage son to participate. 1922 will debut on Netflix on October 22nd.

Source: Variety



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