New official photos from Robocop reveal weapons plus a viral video

When the first set photos from ROBOCOP were released, everyone got a good look at the new suit. Eventually we had to take some of them down. You can still find the black suit, in fact, I think the image is burned into the minds of movie fans. What did someone say about it? That it had a "robobutt"?

We finally have some official images from the Omnicorp site. There a good bit of dare I say, cool looking weaponry (really aimed at the bike), but there's also a pic of what looks like a Robocop prototype. It was revealed early on that there were two suits and one was laughed off because it did not look intimating enough. That might be the one that we are seeing below identified at the EM-280.

There's tons of specs on the models as well as a viral video that you can check out below. I wonder if we will get a trailer at Comic-Con.

Source: OmnicorpCBM



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