New photos from Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman emerge

There are certainly great films to be excited about this year. The two that we have photos from in this article are definitely in that category. Ridley Scott's PROMETHEUS is the stand out with SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN serving as the underdog. Why do I refer to them as the underdog? I think that several movie lovers were surprised by the trailer when it initially debuted for the film. Charlize Theron sells the shit out of that movie.

PROMETHEUS will take us back to a story that we love of ugly yet beautiful aliens, androids, and kick ass female leads. Another piece of the PROMETHEUS puzzle has arrived in photo form giving us a look at that strange statuesque head. We've seen it on the poster already but this is a little more clear.

The still from SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN is not as mysterious or exciting. It's one of Kristen Stewart's many expressions. She looks really pretty here, but her face never seems to change.

Check out both stills below.



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