New Ready Player One poster evokes spirit of classic Amblin posters

READY PLAYER ONE is gearing up to be a nostalgia trip for the ages as it will immerse audiences in a virtual reality world filled with pop culture references. We don’t have to wait for the movie to feel the wave of a loved, bygone era, as the movie’s official poster recalls classic Amblin movies of the 80s, particularly that of E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL. 

Anyone familiar with the poster from E.T. (with Elliot riding his bike across the sky) can immediately see and feel the similarities in the READY PLAYER ONE poster. There’s the young star, (Tye Sheridan) on the front, with the blue, nighttime sky illuminated by a bright object in the sky, evoking a sense of pure wonder and endless possibility. Eh, I’m getting all gushy. Just look for yourself below.

The poster arrives ahead of the new trailer scheduled for tomorrow and comes a day after EW dropped a few new photos from the movie. The book by Ernest Cline was an instant best-seller and capitalized on millions of peoples love for the movies, TV shows, music and all manner of pop culture from the late 70s and 80s. The story is filled with Easter eggs, as the characters in the book have to find literal Easter eggs in order to win the fortune of the creator of an insanely popular virtual world, the OASIS.

The movie will surely embrace the passion for all things the 80s like the book does, and the poster does an excellent job of getting that across. It’s a beautiful, simple poster that evokes the best of Steven Spielberg’s sensibilities, and reaffirms why he is the perfect man to take on such a project. Does anyone else have the sudden urge to crank some John Williams, or is that just me?

READY PLAYER ONE arrives March 30, 2018.

Source: Warner Bros.



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