New season of Arrested Development set to debut on Netflix in 2016

After Brian Grazer let slip that Netflix was ordering 17 more episodes of Arrested Development, the only remaining question was when and where. With the fourth season requiring some creative scheduling, editing, and use of green screen to make it a reality, it seemed the fifth season was going to be a tricky act to pull off. Now, it looks like it is ready to happen.

Grazer appeared on Adam Carolla's podcast where he revealed that Netflix is prepared to shoot the new season in January 2016 with the episodes premiering later that year. I would presume they would likely debut in the summer, but any time is possible since there is not a ton of post-production needed for the sitcom.

The unique narrative for the fourth season made it possible to watch the episodes in any order since each focused on a particular member of the Bluth family. This was necessitated by the fact not all of the actors could be on set at the same time. Some fans were left cold by the format, but I am not sure if there would be any other way to get the cast on set all at the same time. Jason Bateman is still very active directing and starring in movies while Jeffrey Tambor has been receiving critical acclaim on his other streaming series Transparent. But, more Arrested Development is better than none, right?

Source: Adam Carolla



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