Woody Harrelson stars in indie comedy Wilson, based on graphic novel

I always love it when non-superhero graphic novels get turned into films. GHOST WORLD, AMERICAN SPLENDOR, and BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR (yep!) are all great, unique films. Hell, you could even potentially lump SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD into that list as well. What's great about graphic novels is that they usually have a single author, making it easier for idiosyncrasy to shine through, as opposed to other - more committee-driven - mediums like film and television (though it's certainly possible there too).

So when I first heard of WILSON, an indie comedy starring Woody Harrelson about a rambunctious, anti-social manchild, I was a bit skeptical (even as a fan of Harrelson). But after finding out it's based on a critically-acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, it definitely peaked my interest. Here's a trailer for the film:

Yeah, that looks pretty fun. Woody Harrelson seems to be having a blast playing the socially inept Wilson, as does Laura Dern as his put upon ex-wife. Even the story - which concerns Wilson finding out he has a daughter and his attempts to be part of her life - look both sweet and suitably quirky. I happen to like character-driven indie films, even if they sometimes sacrifice story for character quirks, so this looks right up my alley!

WILSON will overstep social boundaries near you on March 24th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: ROAD TO PERDITION, HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, and PERSEPOLIS are other great films most people aren't aware were based on graphic novels.
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