New Vince Vaughn comedy The Insane Laws being picked up by Universal

Vince Vaughn has made some real shit films these past few years. The last time I saw him appear in a good one was in Sean Penn's 2007 INTO THE WILD (f*ck good, that movie's GREAT). And just before that, the actor had THE BREAK-UP and WEDDING CRASHERS, with THE BREAK-UP being his last bonafide hit. So it's probably good news to hear that Vaughn will be appearing in a new comedy from THE BREAK-UP's co-writer Jeremy Garelick titled THE INSANE LAWS.

According to THR, Universal is currently in negotiations to pick up the relationship comedy which was in turnaround over at Columbia Pictures. The film would mark the feature directorial debut of Garelick who first started out in the industry as an assistant to fanboy favorite Joel Schumacher.

THE INSANE LAWS is apparently based in part on Garelick's own life and "focuses on two best friends and how their lives are impacted when their grown children fall in love, with one man's daughter becoming pregnant by his best friend's son."
Extra Tidbit: Vaughn's a funny motherf*cker no doubt, but I'd like to see him take on more dramatic roles.



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