Newcomer Eve Hewson joins Sean Penn in the indie drama This Must Be the Right Place

THIS MUST BE THE RIGHT PLACE, the first English-language film from Italian writer/director Paolo Sorrentino (NAPOLI 24, THE CONSEQUENCES OF LOVE), was last reported on over a year ago when we revealed that Sean Penn (THE TREE OF LIFE, MILK) would be starring in the lead role of the indie drama as a retired rocker.

And now, joining him will be relative newcomer Eve Hewson (THE 27 CLUB) who will play a "gothic-punk music fan" who is good friends with Penn's rockstar character. According to Variety, the drama "centers on an aging rock star (Penn) who becomes fixated on pursuing the Nazi criminal who tormented his father in a concentration camp." Also starring are actors Frances McDormand (TRANSFORMERS 3, BURN AFTER READING), Harry Dean Stanton ("Big Love", ALIEN), and Shea Whigham ("Boardwalk Empire", MACHETE).

THIS MUST BE THE RIGHT PLACE is set to begin filming in the United States and Ireland this month.
Extra Tidbit: I wish Sean Penn would beat up every paparazzo on earth.
Source: Variety



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