Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook to be retold as a television series on The CW

If you thought it would be tough to sit through another date night rewatching THE NOTEBOOK with your significant other, how about twelve times the time commitment? Entertainment Weekly has learned that The CW is developing a remake of the Nicholas Sparks novel turned seminal romantic film. The series, if greenlit, will be written by Todd Graff and produced by Sparks himself. There are not plans at this time to tell any of the wraparound story set in the modern day. In the film, the older versions of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were played by James Garner and Gena Rowlands.

Here's the planned plot for THE NOTEBOOK series.

“This series will follow the romantic journey of the two beloved central characters Noah and Allie, at the outset of their blossoming relationship as they build their lives and their future together against the backdrop of the racial politics, economic inequities, and social mores of post-World War II of the late 1940s in North Carolina.”

Much of what made THE NOTEBOOK so popular was the pairing of Gosling and McAdams. While Sparks' other novels have turned into profitable film adaptations, I cannot see THE NOTEBOOK living up to the original unless they can find the right actors to take the lead roles.

There is no set date for THE NOTEBOOK to debut on The CW, but expect it to not be any earlier than Fall 2016.



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