Nickelodeon is turning Legends of the Hidden Temple into a TV movie

No matter what years you grew up, you have some sense of nostalgia for the programs you watched on Nickelodeon. Now, depending on your era of Nickeloedeon, you may love different things from your peers, but make no mistake about it - there was some show on Nickelodeon you desperately wanted to be a part of. For myself, it was DOUBLE DARE early on, as I was all about dominating that obstacle course and winning a trip to Space Camp or something, but for some of my younger friends, their calling was LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE.

There isn't a week that doesn't go by where I don't hear someone tell me about how badly they wanted on that Nick game show, and Nick knows it. That's why Viacom is going forth with plans for a LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE television movie that they hope old fans will come back to check out while reviving the brand for potential new fans that might be interested in finding out what this thing is that their parents can't stop raving about.

The film, planned for the 4th Quarter of 2016, will follow three kids who must overcome some difficult obstacles in order to stay alive, much like the show where death wasn't exactly an option, just lack of prizes. However, for fans of the original show, there will be nods to what they loved previously as Olmec, the talking head with knowledge of the Temple, and the Steps of Knowledge making an appearance somehow. Isabela Moner, part of Nick's 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE HIGH SCHOOL, has been tapped to star and is the only announced cast member thus far.

It can't be much longer before we get a GUTS movie now.

Source: Variety



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