No Bolly Ben Button?

Was the world dangerously close to getting a withered Benjamin Button suddenly bursting into a full-blown Bollywood dance number?

Although Bollywood has developed a notorious habit of liberally borrowing/plagiarizing movie concepts from Hollywood and elsewhere (RESERVOIR DOGS, OLDBOY, HITCH, WHAT LIES BENEATH, 21, ANALYZE THIS, THE SIXTH SENSE, MEMENTO, THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, MY SASSY GIRL, etc.), Warner Bros. has fired a warning shot to prevent a potential Indian musical rip of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, threatening legal action to anyone who tries to redo David Fincher's film with billowing sleeves and happy songs.

Warner Bros. also recently made such a preemptive warning about a Bolly remake of THE DEPARTED (which is ironic considering that's a remake of Hong Kong's INFERNAL AFFAIRS), and also (unsuccessfully) attempted to block the release of HARI PUTTAR AND THE MAGIC WAND, due to the obvious title similarity.

Extra Tidbit: Considering their tendency for lengthy films and the already considerable running time of BUTTON, a Bollywood version would probably take place in real-time.
Source: Variety



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