No D9 for Nigeria

DISTRICT 9 might have been the talk of Comic-Con and the surprise hit of the summer here in the US, but there's one place where it's not so much of a hit. Nigerian government officials are asking their local movie houses to stop running the film immediately and have requested that Sony edit out certain references in the film they feel "portrays Nigeria in bad light." Of particular interest to the Nigerian government (and this may include some SPOILERS), is when the villainous Obesandjo "tries to eat another character’s arm." Just seeing that in print in the New York Times made me laugh.

The Nigerian government feels that the character's name in the film is too close to that of former president Olusegun Obasanjo who they are pretty sure has never tried to eat another man's mutated arm. Sony Pictures has yet to comment on the matter but I have a feeling neither Peter Jackson nor director Neil Blomkamp are rushing towards the editing room any time soon.

Extra Tidbit: Mutated arms? NOM NOM NOM.
Source: NY Times



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