No Death for Arrow

JoBlo note: This is more like "non-news", but since we announced Arrow's small role in this film a few weeks ago, we might as well allow the man to give everyone an update on what happened.

Sometimes shit happens, and you can do your best on your end to overcome it but the cards play against you and you lose out. That's what went down with my initially slated small role in Paul Anderson's DEATH RACE remake.

Very long story short; I got the role and my shooting date was set. Then I locked my plane ticket for the Sitges Film Festival and I purposely booked 3 days late (hence missing 3 days of the Festival) "just in case" Death Race would change my shooting day (which is a common occurrence on big productions). I wanted to put the odds on my side.

Days went by and as I predicted, my shooting day kept being moved up, moved up and moved up. I was getting scared cause Sitges was just around the corner, I so did not want to have to make a choice. Finally my shooting day was set in stone; it was the day BEFORE I was to leave for Sitges. Talk about cutting it short but at least I made it...or so I thought.

I finally get on set on my day, I get in costume, hop in the makeup chair (Is that Jason Statham sitting next to me? You bet!) - I'm all done up and ready to rock and roll! I'm told to wait in my trailer until they come to get me to do my scene with Statham. Hours pass, I eventually get a knock on my door but not to ask me to hit the set, but to tell me that I'm being wrapped for the day cause they want to shoot me next week instead.

As I had told production before, I couldn't shoot next week cause I'd be in Sitges. We had a problem. So they put me on the phone with producer Jeremy Bolt (great man), we talked it out - result: he couldn't budge on his end as to shooting me next week (the man's got a film to run yo - totally understandable) and I couldn't budge on mine cause I had committed to Sitges. So I let the part go and on their end they recast it.

It was a big bummer for me... I so wanted to do this film...I love Paul Anderson and Jason Statham rocks the kasba! But that's life, you got to take it on the chin and keep kicking. Here are pics of me in costume/makeup i.e. how I would have looked liked if my Death Race role would've worked out. I almost made it...sniff...sniff... oh well...onward and forward!

Extra Tidbit: Our very own Eric Walkuski went on a DEATH RACE set visit today in Montreal. That very evening, he went on a "strip joint" set visit with the Arrow himself. All in all, a good day.



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