Noomi Rapace to star as Maria Callas for Whale Rider director Niki Caro


As a general rule of thumb, any actress that believably plays the role of a woman who can expunge an alien fetus from her body while conscious can play any role she wants. Noomi Rapace has been kicking ass since her turn as THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (original), and it looks like she's just garnered another high-profile role. This time around she will play Maria Callas, the American-born Greek soprano who had a two-decade long love affair with shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis. She also just happened to become one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century. Rapace will be directed by Niki Caro, who most recently directed Kevin Costner in MCFARLAND, USA. Caro will be adapting the script herself based off Alfonso Signorini’s biography, "Too Proud, Too Fragile".

Here's Noomi Rapace as Maria Callas:


I can't claim to be all-knowing in the realm of opera, but I will watch Rapace in absolutely anything and there's no doubts that she can pull it off like nobody's business. Most biographies tend to be pretty vanilla, but every once in a while we get something that stands out. I'm not familiar with the lifestyle of Maria Callas, but I'd prefer to keep it that way so I can walk into the movie with a fresh perspective. Opera's the thing with the singing, right?



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