Notes on The Flash: script due by Christmas, Greg Berlanti possibly not directing, and rumors of Bradley Cooper

THE FLASH is moving right along here lately.

According to Deadline, a script for the film must be turned into Warner Bros. between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are writing that very draft with a little help from Greg Berlanti. Deadline also notes that it's doubtful that Berlanti will direct, despite LIFE AS WE KNOW IT getting the second spot at the box-office over the weekend. His new superhero series on ABC, NO ORDINARY FAMILY is apparently doing decent as well.

This is how Deadline's insider put it, "He won't want to direct it because he kinda wants to do something in between size-wise first before attempting something that large." Then on the other hand, "If Warner Bros does like the script and wants him to direct it... But that's a lot of ifs. And all of it is moot if they don't dig the script. Green Lantern wasn't real until the studio liked the draft." They also note that the treatment for GREEN LANTERN 2 is due by Christmas as well.

On the other side of the web, Moviehole is reporting a very, very early rumor that Bradley Cooper is the early favorite for Barry Allen. Cooper was the runner-up in the race for Hal Jordan in GREEN LANTERN, which eventually went to Ryan Reynolds. It's possible that Cooper is a front runner for the role, but it is still early. Other names will get brought into the equation as we move into the following months.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone read the "Brightest Day: Flash" by Geoff Johns?
Source: DeadlineMoviehole



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