Oh god no, someone wants to make a Terminator 3D animated film

UPDATE: Not so fast, says Deadline. Apparently Parkinson got a cease-and-desist letter about the below plans, and is trying to work out a deal with Pacificor for the TERMINATOR rights.

Yes, it's true that the rights of the TERMINATOR franchises are currently being thrown around like a beach ball, but can we PLEASE not let them land in the hands of Hannover House?

According to ComingSoon, the company allegedly wants to get the IP so they can make a $70M 3D CGI feature film about Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and Arnold’s Terminator, naturally with a PG-13 rating to boot. There are no other plot details to speak of yet, but it really does look like this thing is moving forward.

How is this possible? Well Hannover CEO Eric Parkinson used to head up Hemdale Home Video, part of the company that distributed the original film, so it seems he has some kind of pull with the property. Halycon, the current rights owner, seems to be on board with the project, titled TERMINATOR 3000, and we should hear more details about it later this year.

Whyyyy would you do this? Can’t James Cameron like buy and dismantle this company before this atrocity happens? Sigh.

Extra Tidbit: They already made a 3D TERMINATOR movie. It was so 3D that actors literally jumped out of the screen. It was in Universal Studios in Florida, and it was awesome.
Source: ComingSoon



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