OJ Simpsons, Lost, and Scooby Doo pervade the Twin Peaks Comic Con panel

Twin Peaks is not for everyone, but it was apparently a big draw for the crowds at Comic Con who came to the panel to hear Kyle McLachlan, Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Matthew Lillard, and many more cast members talk about the bizarre series and working with David Lynch. Lynch himself was not in attendance but did film a truly strange video sequence that featured the filmmaker in a dark room dealing with a horse stepping on a cat, a man falling down an elevator shaft, and an arm holding one of OJ Simpson's golf balls. In other words, it was typical David Lynch.

With the cast assembled on stage, moderator Damon Lindelof opened by reading an ode to the show and telling the crowd that without Lynch's series, Lost would never have gotten made. David Lynch's bizarre series is a labor of love and one of the few times a property has been successfully followed up decades after the original release. It also became quickly apparent that everyone in the cast came back just for the chance to work with Lynch again or for the first time. Matthew Lillard echoed what almost everyone on the panel said which was that none of them have seen any episodes beyond what has already aired with Lillard himself still having never seen a single episode from the current or original series. Lillard did manage to get asked to perform some of his Twin Peaks dialogue as Shaggy from Scooby Doo. He obliged and even tossed in a HACKERS reference, to boot.

One fan had the audacity to say they have never seen any Twin Peaks and asked the panel to explain the show in a nutshell. McLachlan's response: "Throw away the nut". That is a very astute take on the show which has boggled viewers for the last couple of months. Twin Peaks is definitely not for everyone and the panel knew it. Most of the hour was spent talking about David Lynch's unique directing style. Having helmed all episodes of the season, Lynch has still not made it known whether there will be another run of the show beyond this one. The panel wasn't even asked that question.

In the end, nothing new was revealed about the new season of Twin Peaks but the actors did give us some nice insight as to what it felt like coming back 25 years after the original show. Just don't ask them to explain what is going on because they are as clueless as we are. Everyone was just grateful that they got a chance to make it happen.


As a closing note, Damon Lindelof made the audience aware that Twin Peaks is moving to Sundays at 8pm on Showtime, presumably to avoid Game of Thrones.

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