Oldest Bond girl ever? Still hot as hell! Penelope Cruz will star in Bond 24


With Sam Mendes set to direct the next two films and Daniel Craig ready to put on the classic tuxedo once again the only things missing from the next Bond movie are a catchy title, a snazzy theme song, a delicious villain and at least one sexy Bond girl.

According to Yahoo! Movies UK BOND 24 has already found one of the missing pieces for their film and a very beautiful woman has signed on for the next movie: Penelope Cruz (whose husband Javier Bardem played the villain in SKYFALL) will be joining the franchise as the oldest Bond girl yet. Does it matter to me that she's the oldest Bond girl ever? Of course not: Cruz is 40 years old but she doesn't look a day over 29. And it's not like the previous record holder (Honor Blackman was 39 when she appeared in GOLDFINGER as Pussy Galore) was a mothball smelling old lady either.

This is excellent casting in my opinion. Cruz is a great actress that has the right amount of sex appeal and smarts that is needed for the role and is perfect for the next Bond film. Sure she's great to look at but I think she can bring more to the table than your typical Bond woman. Since Bond girls usually fall into two categories (good girl or bad girl that Bond is tempted by) it'll be interesting to see which she will be since Cruz could play both types very well.

The actress is pregnant right now but is due any day and should have plenty of time to get back into shape (see below) by the time BOND 24 starts filming.


Extra Tidbit: What do you think? Good casting choice? And if there's room for another Bond girl in the new film who would you like to see in Bond 24?



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