Olivia Wilde does a Change Up with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds

Here's some quick and sexy casting...

Olivia Wilde just got added to David Dobkin's THE CHANGE UP. Wilde will star alongside Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in the body switching comedy.

It's been awhile since we've had any news on this so I'll bring you up to speed on the simple plot. "The story centers on a responsible family man (Bateman) who switches bodies with his lazy ass best friend (Reynolds). It should be really hilarious seeing these two imitate one another." Where does Wilde come into play?

The lovely leggy brunette will take on the role of Bateman's co-worker at a law firm. She is said to "inspire" Bateman to live a less responsible life, leading to his switch with Reynolds. I'm pretty sure Wilde could inspire men (and women) to do almost anything.

Writers for THE HANGOVER, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore have penned the script for the film. Shooting begins next month and the film will be released August 5, 2011.

Source: Deadline



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