One Missed Call trailer

The American remake of the hit Japanese cell phone spooker ONE MISSED CALL has connected with a trailer, which seems to give away most of the film’s creepy moments and looks a bit like THE RING with ringtones.

Like the original flick (a fairly by-the-digits terror tale, at least by the standards of its psychotic director Takashi Miike), the movie revolves around a girl whose friends get strange voicemail messages that turn out to be themselves phoning in from several days in the future… at the moment of their grisly demise. And you thought your cellular provider sucked. The lovely Shannyn Sossamon is the one with the dreadful spirit-spitting mobile service, while Ed Burns is the detective helping her figure it out.

One thing in the remake’s favor is director Eric Valette (yeah, a French guy doing an American remake of a Japanese movie – dizzying!), whose last film MALEFIQUE was a rather taut little horror accomplishment.

Check out the trailer RIGHT HERE!
Extra Tidbit: Sossamon also stars in the horror flick CATACOMBS, in which she gets lost in the limestone tunnels under Paris and is hunted by a goat, or something.
Source: Warner Bros.



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