One ton statue of Captain America to loom large at San Diego Comic-Con

We have plenty of statues of politicians, religious figures and even animals located all over the world. But what have they done except be corrupt and/or poo all over the floor. Where are the statues to modern heroes? Where are the monuments to the grand figures of the last century? If you've been wondering that, like I have, then our prayers have been answered. Our champion has been chosen to represent us into the future of humankind, and what a champion he is.

In an exclusive from USA Today, it has been announced that a huge, 13-foot-tall Captain America statue will be graced unto the world at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, which will run between July 20-24. After that, the statue will find a permamnet residence at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York (Cap's hometown). Here's a rough sketch of the statue below.

Paul Gitter, senior vice president of licensing for Marvel at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, had this to say about the statue:

For the past 75 years, Captain America has inspired generations of fans serving as the ultimate global icon for freedom, strength and doing the right thing.

Gitter also talked about the pose and symbolism of the heroic, bronze behemoth:

[The pose was] symbolically chosen to showcase the impressive strength of Captain America and his stoic form. Captain America’s signature shield also takes prominence, paying homage to his heroism, indestructible power and determination.

As mentioned above the statue will be about 13 feet tall, will be made of bronze and will weigh about one ton. Sound's like Kyle's wife! Nah, that's not true. She's a good lady.

Anyway, I couldn't be more excited to see how this turns out. It all looks so perfect: the ascending steps, the stars, the quote ("I'm just a kid from Brooklyn"), the pose. He's not just standing there, or hugging cancer-ridden children. This truly is a monument not only to true heroism, but human creativity and passion. And if this will be one of the representations for the human race after we go extinct and the aliens land on Earth and wondering if that's what we all looked like, I'm cool with that too.




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