Original cast returning for Terminator 5 but it's not Arnold's next film

Two interesting TERMINATOR related news items for your Friday morning...

First, is Latino Review is reporting that the so-called TERMINATOR 5 is actually going under the working title of TERMINATOR 2012 and doesn't just have Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to star - it has the entire original cast attached to return as well. This presumably would mean Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn and maybe even Eddie Furlong. The movie reportedly takes place in present day and that would be all well and good for Hamilton and Furlong but how that accounts for the aging of Biehn and Schwarzenegger, who would have to be coming from the future, remains to be seen.

[UPDATE: The boys at Arrow in the Head reached out to Michael Biehn and asked him about the TERMINATOR 2012 project. For what it's worth, Biehn says "I don't know anything about it." He could be bullshitting us but Biehn's at that point in his career where I don't think he does a whole lot of bullshitting. If the movie is playing out as Latino is suggesting it will, Biehn either hasn't been approached yet or isn't being thought of for the new installment. Stay tuned...]

Now just because there is heat on TERMINATOR 2012, doesn't mean that it's going to be Arnold's first post-Governor project. Far from it, actually. Vulture is reporting that Schwarzenegger has picked his first project and it will instead be CRY MACHO, a more dramatic role directed by Brad Furman (THE LINCOLN LAWYER).

Schwarzenegger was once attached to the film back before his politico days and since Clint Eastwood has flirted with the role but eventually passed. It would star Arnold as an old horse trainer who's fired by his rich boss. The now broke trainer agrees to kidnap the boss's son for some quick cash but soon finds out the parents aren't very eager to get their punk ass kid back.

The project is headed over to Cannes where it will seek buyers and if all goes according to plan, Arnold and Furman could get to filming in early summer.

What would that mean for TERMINATOR? Probably not much. There's a lot that needs to be done to get that project ready, including a studio acquiring the rights and putting some money into development and pre-production, all of which would take place while Schwarzenegger films CRY MACHO.



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