Oscar-winning scribe Eric Roth to rewrite Ripley's Believe or Not!; Jim Carrey still attached to star

I guess it's just my age, but whenever I hear anything about this proposed film project, I can't help but think of that damn TBS show hosted by former Superman and current direct-to-video staple Dean Cain.

Fortunately, though, this has nothing to do with Dean Cain. Instead, RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! - a film that was to be directed by Tim Burton back in 2007 before it fell apart - is about to get a whole new rewrite from Oscar-winning writer Eric Roth (MUNICH, FORREST GUMP). Also, actor and contortionist Jim Carrey, who was attached to the project the first time around, remains attached today to play the titular part of Ripley. Here's Deadline with more:

"The film is about Ripley's search around the world for the most unusual people and places that he immortalized in his newspaper column. The locales were exotic and the sights were unbelievable, but the film is about Ripley's journey to appreciate that the unusual people were more than just conquests to be cataloged."

The original picture (written by ED WOOD guys Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski) was greenlit at $175 million and was ready to go... until Carrey brought in some of his own ideas that would've overhauled the entire thing. Apparently, while Burton liked the ideas, the halted momentum of the film's development caused the director to jump ship to a different project - SWEENEY TODD (a film that became his most critically well-received in years).
Extra Tidbit: The funny thing is that Robert Ripley basically created this crazy brand that wound up becoming a franchise; a franchise that's been spun-off into everything from books, museums, television shows, to even a goddamn pinball machine. This guy must be every Hollywood executive's hero!
Source: Deadline



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