Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim 2 to explore more of the kaiju's homeworld

While promoting his new FX series The Strain, Guillermo Del Toro had a short conversation with Shock Till You Drop about PACIFIC RIM 2. The sequel was officially announced last month, and Del Toro was asked if the only reason PACIFIC RIM 2 is happening is because Legendary moved to Universal.

No, when we finished the first one, we said, “Well, we could go here or there.”  At some point, Thomas [Tull] and I met and we said, “You know what, it took such an effort to create the world, we would like to continue.” When Legendary moved, they moved with that property. Thomas took it with him, so it’s a fortunate coincidence of events but we started talking about it before they made the move.

Guillermo Del Toro also said he has "no idea" if Warner Bros. would have passed on the sequel. Del Toro was then asked if we'll be seeing more of the kaiju's homeworld in PACIFIC RIM 2. At first Del Toro would only say "I will not answer that. I take the fifth," but when the site wanted to know if they were asking the right questions, here's what the director had to say.

You’re asking the right questions but not necessarily the way you think. If you think are we invading their world, we’re not, but we’re showing more of that world.

So does this mean a parallel universe telescope has been invented, or will there be more drifting in the sequel involving kaiju brains? I know there are mixed feelings about PACIFIC RIM 2, and yes I'd rather see Guillermo Del Toro work on HELLBOY 3 or AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, but I had a blast with the first movie, and I'm excited for the sequel. Del Toro previously said PACIFIC RIM 2 will be a "very unique sequel" and I'm quite curious as to how the next movie will be so different compared to other movie sequels.

PACIFIC RIM 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on April 7, 2017.



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