Paddington 2 adds Hugh Grant & Brendan Gleeson; third film in the works

Paddington is essentially a perfect character for any family film. The adorable, cuddliness of the bear himself appeals directly to kids, and even adults have fond memories of reading the books. There’s really no way it can fail, as evidenced by the first movie’s glowing reviews and $288 million global take. Hence a sequel was fast-tracked for next November, and has now added two more veterans to the already illustrious cast: Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson

The Guardian reports the actors have joined the cast as characters named Phoenix Buchanan (Grant) and Knuckles McGinty (Gleeson). Buchanan is an actor who lives on the same street as Paddington and his adoptive family, and is described as a celebrity who’s “a vain, charming acting legend whose star has fallen somewhat in recent years.” McGinty is a safecracker, which is the only clear profession for a man with a name like Knuckles McGinty.

They join the cast that includes Ben Whishaw as the loveable bear, Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Sally Hawkins, Peter Capaldi and Jim Broadbent. The story surrounds Paddington as he tries, and often fails, to procure a present for his aunt Lucy’s 100th birthday. I mean…it’s a children’s movie.

Not only is a second Paddington about a year away, but Guardian also notes that a third movie is already being planned, citing the fact the first is the highest grossing non-studio family film of all time. I was not apart of that box office tally, waiting a while to watch it at home. It's undeniably sweet but clealry isn't for someone my age to watch alone. The sequel(s) will probably be of similar quality, so whether I will watch them at all is up in the air. I mean, if Brendan Gleeson whips out a gun in the trailer I may take a gander. Is that too much to ask for in a PADDINGTON movie?

PADDINGTON 2 will arrive some time November 2017, or possibly January 2018.

Source: The Guardian



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