Paddington director Paul King reportedly gone from live-action Pinocchio

Disney has been cranking out their live-action remakes of animated classics over the last few years, but it appears they may have trouble getting one movie going after PADDINGTON 1 & 2 director Paul King reportedly pulled out from directing duties on the PINOCCHIO remake. The news comes from the movie’s hired director of photography Seamus McGarvey, who said in a new interview that King is no longer on the project and Disney is off trying to figure out a replacement. Maybe they should be making that wish upon a star right about now. 

The DP was speaking with Discussing Film about his work on BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE, and towards the end of the chat was asked about being attached to the Disney film, as well as reports about Tom Hanks being involved. In a twist, McGarvey said that the movie was very recently put on hold after King bowed out and that its future seems a bit unclear...at least as far as his involvement. 

I don't think it's a secret anymore, but the film has been cancelled over the holidays, over Christmas. The director basically pulled out of the film for family reasons. Disney are trying to find a new director, but yeah, I read those reports that Tom Hanks and Tom Waits and all those other people, but yeah, they're trying to get it going.

McGarvey continued, saying he would probably also be gone from the project as King was the one who wanted him on board in the first place. As well, he hinted Disney may be aiming for a summer start date, but that all depends on if they can find someone new in time to helm. 

King was hired for the gig back in February 2018, right when his movie PADDINGTON 2 was on its way to becoming the best-reviewed movie ever (and for great reason). He took on the project after SKYFALL’s Sam Mendes bowed out, and production was expected to be underway by the end of the year. That doesn’t seem to be the plan anymore given the, you know, lack of a director, but as these other Disney movies continue to rake in the money you can bet the studio won’t let the tale of this little wooden puppet be resigned to the woodchipper anytime soon.

As for King, I can only hope everything is alright with the family. He was also hired to direct the new take on the Willy Wonka story the same month as being hired for PINOCCHIO, so he is a very in-demand talent. Disney has enough remakes coming out soon, so it’s not like this one is especially needed, and in fact, maybe let this one sit out for a bit. A realistic boy-puppet sounds bit too terrifying, to be honest.

Source: Discussing Film



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