Paramount is bringing The Pro to a street corner near you

It’s not in many cases when one would want to aspire to become a prostitute. I mean, it’s basically the rock bottom of all rock bottoms, and you’d have to become pretty close friends with guys like Charlie Sheen. But all that shame and sorrow goes out the window when it comes to the lady of the night in the graphic novel series, The Pro, because this hooker has super powers and is getting her own GD movie.

Deadline got the scoop that Paramount has just picked up the right to the graphic novel from Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, and will be developing it into a movie. There is no director or star attached, but the script is set to be written by Zoe McCarthy, who is known for the prestigious BITCHES ON A BOAT.

The Pro tells the story of your common household prostitute who wakes up with superpowers, which were bestowed upon her by an alien known as The Viewer. She is then recruited by the League of Honor who tries to get her to abandon her fellating ways so that she can help them save the world. Not all goes as planned, as her hooking skills are actually improved by her abilities. A satirical send-up of the superhero genre, THE PRO movie will most likely be an R-rated fun fest with sex, blood, and debauchery of all other manners.

Obviously, this movie sounds fun as shit. I haven’t read the comics, but from the description I’m getting a very KICK-ASS-y vibe, which is a good thing. Though it won’t have the market appeal of LOGAN or DEADPOOL this will be a welcome addition to the R-rated comic book stable. Now to find the lucky actress who will get to play this coveted role!

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Source: Deadline



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