Patrick Stewart looks exhausted as Professor X in new Logan images

The next month or so is going to become known as LOGAN month on the interwebs as no doubt a new trailer should drop, as well as (possibly) a new poster, and the tons of other tidbits that will be sprinkled around (like Friday's score sampling). There’s going to be a lot for fans to foam at the mouth for soon, but soon is so far away! Here is something for you now, my pets!

Recently James Mangold took to Twitter and continued to prove why he is the Dwayne Johnson of this movie by giving us more images he took on the set, giving us goodies we'd normally have to wait ages for. Though we mostly have been getting photos of Logan (Hugh Jackman) this time he has to share the time with none other than Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 (Dafne Keen)

Take a look at the new Three Amigos below!

Though not lacking in uber seriousness, these images are far less prophetic than some of the other black-and-white pics we’ve seen. I think Mangold’s goal here was to show the characters in their more natural states. Logan is alert, and worried about the future; X is exhausted, at his wits end; and X-23 is mysterious and quite terrifying, if I may say so. That’s just this humble bloke’s interpretation, and even though this is Wolverine’s story I am most curious to see how X is doing in this movie. Is he sick? Dying? Lost his powers? I need to know he’s okay! He’s like another grandfather to me!

We will know all the answers when LOGAN hits on March 3.

Source: Twitter



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