Patty Jenkins shares stunning new Wonder Woman art to get you hyped!

Less than 24 hours before the film debuts at early screenings around the world, WONDER WOMAN director Patty Jenkins has graced fans with yet another exquisite piece of art related to the film via her Twitter account. The image takes on a more minimalist approach,while only depicting the Amazonian warrior princess from the bottom of her nose to just under the top portion of her armored breast plate. Wrapped around Diana's arm is a gorgeous, shining WONDER WOMAN logo that is sure to drive fans and cosplayers wild.

You can see the image for yourself posted below: 

The image reminds me of a stylish magazine cover as opposed to straight-up film poster art. Does that make any sense? Perhaps a comparison can be drawn to a jewelry ad of sorts? Hmm, maybe Diana went to Jared? Nevertheless, I think the image is striking and elegant on all fronts, and I can't wait to see WONDER WOMAN this coming weekend. 

WONDER WOMAN directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal GadotChris PineConnie NielsenRobin WrightDanny Huston, and David Thewlis will arrive in theaters on June 2, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Wonder Woman was an inspiration for Suffragettes. For example, a recurring plot in Wonder Woman’s early stories saw her frequently bound in chains by men. This was inspired by suffragists who chained themselves to buildings during protests. However, it’s also been claimed that Marston had some sort of strange obsession with bondage, and both that and her skimpy outfit saw the series banned in the 1940s. - uselessdaily
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