Paul Feig has a message for Ghostbusters complainers - Go f*ck yourself

Paul Feig has had enough.

And who can blame him? For months and months, it's been one insult after another lobbed at his reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS, with much of the criticism being veiled misogyny and sexism about the all-female cast that makes up the new ghost-bustin' team.

Feig finally hit his breaking point and took to Twitter yesterday to fire back at some of the detractors and haters who keep bashing a reboot they have major problems with even though they have still yet to see one single frame.

This is probably the most well-reasoned and straight-forward response to all the ridiculous criticism for this particular GHOSTBUSTERS we've gotten.

Here's the thing... It's perfectly natural to be skeptical of a GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. Time and time again, we've seen reboots come along that fail to capture the magic of the originals. Often they try to wrap old material in a shiny new packaging in the hopes of luring in younger audiences, and it doesn't quite work. But you can't just write off every single reboot as being awful right out of the gate simply because it's a reboot. The X-MEN series was rebooted by taking the prequel route. No one complains about that anymore. PLANET OF THE APES was effectively rebooted with a new trilogy. No one is going on and on about that either. If anything, people went into those movies and were proved that their prejudgment outrage was out of whack with what the movie ultimately was, and we wound up with franchises we had enjoyed in the past getting new life breathed into them. 

So why not GHOSTBUSTERS, too? I wasn't in favor of a GHOSTBUSTERS reboot right out of the gate either, but the time for that pessimism has come and gone. The movie has been shot. It's going to be released. Bitching about it now is just carrying on. So let's go into next year, hoping for the best, hoping that Feig and his cast has knocked this one out of the park, because really... Who wants to see a bad GHOSTBUSTERS movie?

Hmmm... But where have we seen this sort of unfounded rage before?

Paul Feig's GHOSTBUSTERS will hopefully make us feel good on July 15, 2016.

Source: Twitter



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